This product is altered by climate conditions, if you live in a hot climate, we do provide refrigeration gel packs. It is agreed at the time of ordering full responsibility to receive the product is accepted.

It is understood by the consumer/purchaser that the products do not sit in direct sunlight and are put into Refrigeration 36°F / 2°C immediately upon arrival.

Food maintained in the proper temperatures should have a refrigeration shelf life of up to nine months.

A food pouch that is swollen in appearance similar to when orange juice swells past its expiration date. GotMeals kept in refrigerated temperatures provides optimal taste and nutrients.

Food is inclined to go rancid as with all perishable foods – It is recommended to dispose of food that has swelled up or has the appearance of being inflated.

Food orders ship out Wednesdays and are delivered Thursdays between 5pm- 8pm The following day.