I know that nutrition eliminates prescription drugs. I know that taking care of yourself means optimal nutrition. I know that if I didn't do something to help the food crisis and make it better- I would never have never healed from migraines headaches from a high acid in my diet. Think about it everyone is subject to the whims of processed food. Processed food was invented during wartime for our military. Easily transportable canned food with radioactive aluminum not to mention dead food was invented for basically survival. It is dead food because it needed to feed the military on long trips and had to be shelf stable so nothing would grow in the can like bacteria. The 70's delivered T.V. dinners loaded with salt and little nutrition. It is no wonder American's are getting sick. The drug companies and big food manufactures have to get behind the Millenniums because the old way of delivering food has to go. Hi, My name is Maria, the inventor of GotMeals. This has been as hard to develop as raising a child. I began with combining PH balanced food and looked and waited for the technology that would not kill the nutrients. After much of the research took five long hard years to develop GotMeals could not be possible without High Pressure Processing or HPP. What it does is as it is applied to each pouch of GotMeals it literally gives it the benz- that's right just like a scuba diver that comes up to fast in the water. The pressure is applied to your food to keep it fresher, tastier, brighter, longer lasting preservative free so the nutrients are optimized. Since pressure cooking also contributes to protecting vitamins and minerals all of the ingredients are gently pressure cooked in small batches. The food is never overcooked giving you a crunch with every bite means it's healthy. The pouch is BPA free so if you want to eat GotMeals in the pouch. Let us here at GotMeals know your favorite creation. We love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy the Real Fresh, Real Good Food. Thank you for caring as much as I do, Maria LoRicco